Hug Your Local Hermaphroditic, Cigar-smoking, Atheistic Transvestite…


May 4, 2012 by captivetotruth

It’s true. His name is “Laura.” I hugged him at Starbucks, in front of God and everybody. But this story is not about me.

I was ordering a drink when he came into the store yesterday.  He didn’t look too promising, what with his 5-o’clock shadow, buzz haircut, hairy chest, and floor-length, pink chiffon linen dress, complete with gathered “empire waist” and pink roses in the folds of the skirt (But his earrings were to die for!!). I had introduced myself while we were in line waiting for our drinks. He asked me what I did for a profession. Oh boy.

He then called me outside to his table. As he lit up his cigar, he began to unload his whole life on me. Turns out he’s mad at the God he doesn’t believe exists; grew up with Mormon/Jehovah’s Witness parents; claims to have been condemned by every religious person he’s ever come across; thinks the Bible is trash; and that God has “f***** up” his sexuality.

As I sat there talking with him, I was reminded that, as in my own case and yours, only God can work his grace into the life of this angry young man. I can’t change “Laura,” can’t turn him. And it’ll be awhile before he can trust me to present the gospel to him (Told him that he had probably never heard the real gospel in his life. He granted that as a possibility.)

But…since I couldn’t change him, I felt free to love him. Does that make sense? We had had a heavy, but friendly talk for about 45 minutes. And when we parted, I offered my embrace. He accepted.

I’m not ashamed of the cross of Jesus, and “Laura” needed to know that. But even more important, he needed to know that the cross is not ashamed of him.

Jesus is not threatened by your local hermaphroditic, cigar-smoking, atheistic transvestite.

Pray for my new friend, “Laura,” today.


2 thoughts on “Hug Your Local Hermaphroditic, Cigar-smoking, Atheistic Transvestite…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now that is something to get you thinking

  2. cweathers55 says:

    great reminder. may God work his grace into all of us so that we are unashamed of the cross and love our fellow man (transvestites included).

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