Water’s Journey


May 15, 2012 by captivetotruth

Last evening, Murren and I poured 5 gallons of water into our gutter to see how long it would take it to flow to the drain-hole at the end of the block (about 150 ft.). It took 57 minutes. We watched it the whole time, clearing away any man-made obstacles in its path (cut grass, pebbles, soda-tabs, etc.).

At first the water was a mighty river overcoming everything in its path–and we talked about the power of flood waters to overcome almost any obstacle; at about 75 ft. the water’s power waned considerably, and the river became a steady, but slow stream–then we talked about how water tends to abate along its path, losing impetus while continuing to wreak destruction. By the end of its journey, the water was a mere brook–then we talked about the fact that at least some water will continue to advance as long as the mass (or angle) of obstacles is less than the mass (or angle) of the remaining liquid.

Most of the water we poured ended up being pooled into eddies along the route. But the tiniest, thin trickle of water did make it to the drain-hole. And we whooped and hollered. It was fun to see the end result.

Any thoughts on this experience as related to our life in Christ? Wondering what you think…no wrong answers here…(probably).


2 thoughts on “Water’s Journey

  1. Anonymous says:

    We made boats out of just about anything when we were kids and watch them float down the streams that were made by the rain, sometimes day dream that we were on a trip down the mighty mississippi, mostly though we were having fun doing as kids do and having fun with what the good Lord gave us for that day. And we know Jesus gives all the good things we have.

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